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Texts from Cait – Part Twenty-Two

Sometimes, nobody gets you like your sister.



Texts from Cait – Part Seventeen

Sometimes the most sisterly thing one can do is to offer to perform amateur surgery. It’s also reason number eleventy billion three hundred thousand and seven why I love my sister.





IMG_5966 (1)


IMG_5969(The time stamp is off on one of the texts because I had to resave it.)

Texts from Cait – Part Sixteen

Sometimes, you text your sibs to remind them that they each owe you 20$ for your mom’s birthday wheelbarrow. (What? She wanted a wheelbarrow.) And  for some unfathomable reason the entire thing devolves into you and your sister taking turns rewriting the lyrics to Bohemian Rhapsody about mom and her garden.

For the record, there was no booze involved. At least, not on my part, anyway.





Texts from Cait – Part Fourteen or The One Where We Come Up With Creative Uses for Our Boobs

For those of you who might be new here, Cait is my baby sister and also one of my dearest friends.

Texts from Cait – Part Twelve

While I’m off traipsing around New Orleans, I thought I’d share another series of texts from my sister, Cait. This cracked me up – in fact, I was so amused, I had to read it to my brother Andrew. He actually giggled. It was adorable.

Texts from Cait – Part Eleven

Some of you know that my baby sister moved to New York to live with a friend. Well…they also have roommates – a married couple who have kids and a (questionable) nanny. Especially questionable since the mother doesn’t work outside the home and no one really watches (or feeds) the kids. Well, you know…except Cait.

Anyway, here’s the deluge of texts I got last night. Can’t wait to go for a visit and  meet these freaks gems.

Another Day. Another Misread.

I was running some errands this afternoon and talking to Cait while I was driving (no worries – hands free ear piece and mic) and I passed a sign I’d never seen before.

Me: HA!

Cait: What?

Me: I just passed a sign that said “International Drinks”.

Cait: And?

Me: And I thought it said “Institutional Drinks”.

Cait:  I bet that tastes like orange Tang.

Me: And Xanax.

Texts from Cait – Part Nine

Okay, so this episode of Texts from Cait requires a little set-up.

Our mom is the most absent minded of absent minded professors. She’s a brilliant woman, but easily distracted. Once, she accidentally washed a load of laundry with syrup because she had that in her hand when she wandered into the laundry room. She loses her glasses while they’re on her face and her keys while they’re in her hand. She’s driven off more times than I can count with a cup of tea (or her purse) on the roof of the car. Sometimes, I’ll come home to discover that she’s stopped by and my jug of milk is in my cupboard. This is just the one we have. So the following really shouldn’t have been a surprise.

(The first part of this is Cait relaying a conversation with mom.)

Texts from Cait – Part Eight

I know we just had a texts from Cait, but this amused me. Also, I’ve been a real bad blogger.

Texts from Cait – Part Seven

It’s time for another episode of Texts from Cait…and yet another example of why I freaking love my sister.

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