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Wordless Wednesday: Spring Where I Live


Things are only just now starting to get green in the area of Michigan where I live, but the flowers are finally blooming and soon my lilac bushes will be, too, and I’ll be in heaven. But for now, I have wood violets, grape hyacinths, regular hyacinths, daffodils, and the crab apple blossoms.

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Wordless Wednesday – Winter Where I Live


This winter has been weird, yo.

Normally, this is what winter in West Michigan looks like.


The back of my house.


My garage.

However, this year, there’s some weird shit going on. We’ve even had 50 degree days in February. This is not normal. This is what it looks like today.


I just went outside without a coat on to take this picture. It’s like spring out there.

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Wordless Wednesday: Love

I put this post together a while ago, but in light of recent events, I needed to update it a bit. Here are a few things that make me think “love” when I see them. Breaking the rules, as usual, with a few captions.


This picture from one of my brother’s wedding. I love everything about this. It was one of the most joyful events I’ve ever experienced.


One of my amazing nieces and my equally amazing daughter. I love how much they love each other.

002 (5)

Sister love – Morrighan and Willow.


Also sister love – Cait (the Goblin King) and me.




Just a few of my freaking AMAZING friends who I love to pieces. I’m so incredibly lucky.


This is Corwin’s stuffed animal, Captain Kitty. As you can see, he’s been loved, almost to death. Captain Kitty has been around since Corwin’s first Christmas, and yeah, he’s looking a little worn (Jenny Trout would say “murderous” and “creepy”) but he’s still very much loved. This is what he looked like forever ago.

Corwin and Captain Kitty and Killian and KittyBestFriend

See? Not quite so rough. But still loved.

Corwin and Killian Umbrella

Sibling love – hanging out under the Darth Vader umbrella.


No, we don’t always wear dorky, matching clothes – but it was our anniversary. So we nerded it up a bit.

Some of the subway art posted in NYC after the election.




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Wordless Wednesday: Comfort



These are just a few of the things I think of when I think of comfort. (Breaking the rules with captions. Like usual.)


The swing my husband built me is one of my favorite comfort things. Just the act of quietly swinging is soothing.


Being by the water, particularly when the waves are rolling in has always brought me comfort. This is Lake Michigan on a particularly turbulent day.


So has the scent of lilacs.


And cuddly kitties.

IMG_7955 (1)

I love this lantern. It’s warm glow always makes me feel a little more peaceful than I did, before I lit the candle on the inside.


Knitting is so comforting – both the act of knitting and listening to the clacking of the needles of someone else doing it.


And there’s probably nothing more comforting than being all cwtched up in sweaters that my mama knitted for me.


Here’s a closeup of some of the main patterns. Also, that one on the bottom left isn’t that orange in real life. The actual color is how it looks up above. It was just really sunny out when I took them out to photograph them.

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Wordless Wednesday: Anger/Rage

There are so many things that are going on in the world today that fill me with anger and rage, and those emotions quickly spiral into despair. I honestly can’t take much more without curling into a ball and weeping in a corner. So you know what? I’m not going that route today. I’m going for more lighthearted ragey things.  Also, yeah, as usual, not so wordless. So let’s have a look at the things that make me rage.

Like this fucking bottle of marinade. Who the fuck puts a murderous-looking clown on a food product for an unsuspecting claurophobic shopper to stumble across at the grocery store? Who?! Monsters. That’s who.

2012-05-21 16.34.43 (1)

Or this tangle of ridiculously gorgeous and expensive yarn – all because I thought I could wind it without using the swift.


Or my son’s Princess Bride hair. Even when my hair would grow past my shoulders, it’s never been this pretty. Unfair!


Or the power cord for my macbook and battery charger cord that my cat, Willow, so thoughtfully chewed through. (Though, I feel like if my friend, Chaos Chris, sees this post she’ll tell me the macbook cord had it coming.) 😉


Sometimes, when you’re angry and ragey and feeling stabby, you just need to burn shit. Real specific shit. Like Jenny Trout and I did earlier this year. It was cathartic as fuck.


I know there are plenty more things that send me over the edge, but these are the pictures that were on my phone. Be sure to click the other names for the other bloggers’ posts.






Wordless Wednesday: Funny

Okay, so as usual, I’m not following the rules. If you’ve been here for any length of time, you are unsurprised, I’m sure.

This is a collection of images that I find funny. With a little explanation.


Jenny Trout outside the bar in the small town of Gay, MI which is near where we hold our writers retreat every year. One of these days, I’m going to get this image put on one of those votive candles…

IMG_0725 - resized

This is my sister Cait from our visit to the Garden of Tasteless Statuary…running from a creepy donkey.

Jess in the toilet 1

This is one of my former daycare kiddos on her first day at my house. I was making her lunch while she helped herself to the toilet. I figured I should take a picture because her first day might very well be her last day, and I needed to prove this actually happened. And, if her mom was cool enough to keep sending her to my house after this, I figured we’d both want this memory. Happily, her mom thought it was as hilarious as I did, and this pic made Jessie’s graduation board.


Quite possibly my favorite photoshop job. This is getting framed and hung in my bathroom.


Just in case you can’t read the text from this wedding reception card from my friend Jill’s wedding, it says: Beverages and Hors d’ourves at five o’clock pm. Dinner and awkward but enthusiastic dancing to follow. 


My son, Corwin, sleeping in his dresser, as he did almost every night for about a year and a half. I’d put him to bed, and he’d pull most of the clothes and bedding out of his dresser, climb in to go to sleep.


And here’s Corwin performing The Interspecies Ballet  with Loki. I swear this kid is The Cat Whisperer. He can do this with all four of the cats. If the rest of us try, we get our faces eaten.


Loki. Helping me write.


The note my daughter left me after reading The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.


The picture of smallpox that Jenny Trout’s daughter drew for me last year. Still not sure if it was meant to be a history lesson or a threat. Given our tumultuous past, it could be either.


Willow derping it up.


One of my online security questions is “What city do you want to visit?” My answer was, of course, Camelot. However, this wasn’t what I had in mind. I texted this photo to Jess Jarman with the message, “Not as advertised.”


This is the envelope from a Mother’s Day card that Corwin made for me when he was in the second grade. I died laughing when I saw it. I adore the whole serial killer/hostage taker vibe. Please note: My name has been upgraded from Chris to Christ.


We were at the orthodontist’s office one afternoon, and I looked up and saw this and couldn’t stop laughing. The other moms in the waiting room and the receptionists weren’t nearly as amused as I was.


These cat puns have been hanging on my fridge for ages. Because they’re clever and hilarious. There’s a reason we call Corwin “The Pun-isher”.




Morrighan (only a few months old in this pic) had fallen asleep like that and it cracked me up.


This is Herne, one of our former kitties, who died a few years ago. When he’d had enough of everyone’s shit, he’d fall asleep like this.

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Wordless Wednesday: Happiness

Just a few of the things that make me happy. Breaking the rules (as usual) with a few captions.



One of my awesome nieces enjoying a rainy day in the best way possible. This was taken a few years ago, but whenever it rains in the summer, I think of M, and it makes me want to dance in the rain, too.


Retreat happy feet!


Writing retreat happiness!


Monk Muffins make me super happy! So does this monk. He’s my favorite.

Mom, Cait and me - cropped 1

My family makes me wildly happy! (Me, the Mama, and Cait)


More family happies. (Me, Matt, Killian and Corwin.)


Fancy kitty feets make me happy, too.

084 - Copy

Rocks make me happy.

2012-07-24 16.32.57 - Copy (1)

Lake Superior makes me happy.


Babies make me happy. 


Ridiculously beautiful sunrises make me happy, too.

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Wordless Wednesday: What’s on My Plate

It’s another Wordless Wednesday, and this time the subject is food. So these are just a random assortment of things I eat. Some of it’s pretty healthy. Some of it…not so much.


Small curd cottage cheese with kumato tomatoes, pepper and a little garlic salt.


Chicken and vegetable stir-fry.


Madalena salad with grilled chicken. It’s obvious this happened at a restaurant. If I’d made it, I would have put a lot more blue cheese on it.


Walking tacos.


Remember when I mentioned the not so much? Meet my Elaborate Grilled Cheese Sandwich. (herbed goat cheese, baby spinach leaves, gruyere, aged white cheddar, kumato tomato slices, smoked gouda, honeycrisp apple slices, smoked gouda, and super crispy bacon)


Breakfast smoothie – spinach, kale, mango, pineapple and strawberries.


Cucumber, feta, and dill weed salad with a glass of iced tea.

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Wordless Wednesday – Summer

It’s another wordless Wednesday in which I’ll likely use words and generally be a rule breaker. But these are just a few pictures of things that happened this summer, places I went, people I was with and our two new kittens, Kitsune and Loki.


Peonies in my mom’s garden.  Of course, right after I took this picture, I saw a motherfucking PINK SPIDER in one of the flowers, screamed and ran away while hyperventilating and generally annoying her neighbors.




IMG_5950 (1)

Writers Retreat fun. Well, not all of it, obviously, or we’d be here all day.


Writer/blogger/friends fun time! In addition to all the laughs and hugs, there was also goat cheese!


Saw this creepy little dude near where I usually park. Apparently, the neighbors had an unfortunate monkey infestation.


Jenny Trout took me to pet stingrays! It was MAGICAL!



Took these while I was waiting for Jenny to get out of the creepy bird house at the zoo.


This is what happens when both my niece and flowers are in the same place.









Some shots from our family vacation.






Jess Jarman came to stay with me for a week, and it was fantastic!






These are our ridiculous new kittens – Kitsune and Loki. They’re littermates, even though they don’t look it. We’ve had them for about 5 weeks, now, and as you can see, they’re already starring in the Interspecies Ballet with my son, Corwin, who’s some kind of cat whisperer. Also, Loki likes to help me write.

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Wordless Wednesday – On My Bookshelf

Today, it’s another Wordless Wednesday post for the Wednesday Random bloggers. I’m going to cheat and use a few words because…It’s my blog. I do what I want.  Also, I feel like some photos need a little explanation.

I do the vast majority of my reading on my tablet. It’s backlit, supremely portable, and I can carry thousands of books with me at any given time. But, I still love print books, and I always will. I have several collections I thought I’d share today.

I think I’ve probably mentioned that I collect fairy tales, Arthurian literature and Brian Froud art books.  This is the book shelf where my fairy tales and Froud books live. And also my comfy reading chair that Morrighan is systematically destroying.

(My house is super cluttered. It’s just the way of things here.)




One summer, I was lucky enough to meet Brian and Wendy Froud, and I got my whole (at the time) collection signed. Also…I might have frightened them a little bit with my collection, but…worth it. He also did a little doodle in every book he signed!




This is the bookcase that holds the Arthurian collection. It was my husband’s grandfather’s who was a lawyer in the late 1800s. There used to be another shelf, but it got destroyed when this beauty got tossed in his family’s attic. We rescued it and it lives with us now. As you can see by all the books shoved in front, I’m rapidly running out of space. There are copies of the complete works of Shakespeare and Chaucer in here. I think I may need to find them new homes. 



This is another cluttered bookshelf in my office.


These are copies of anthologies that I’m in and/or my own print copies. They’re usually on another shelf in my office, but I thought I’d take unbury them and take a nice picture of them. IMG_6060

And I can’t not share my young adult novel.



And you’ll notice that one of these books isn’t mine, but it’s a story I love and part of the series I’m doing with Jess Jarman.



We’re not even going to talk about the other bookshelf in my office or any of the ones upstairs. This is plenty.

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