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Looking for for great kids books about LGBT+ families?

Unless you’re super new here, you know that I love me some great picture books. Despite the fact that my kids are in their early twenties, my children’s book collection continues to grow. I get some to read to my nieces and nephews, and some are just for me.

Because books.

The It’s Fundamental – Children’s Book Blog is a fantastic resource for all things picture books. Run by a former educator (though, trust me, she’s still educating) named Crystal, this blog features fantastic booklists (carefully and thoughtfully curated by topic) as well as book reviews.

Some of her booklists include: Shark Week, World Changing Women, Trains, Juneteenth, Ramadan, Women in Science, Books for Kids Who are Afraid to Swim, Civil Rights, Star Wars–and this is just a small sampling of the topics. Seriously, this blog has it all!

But, I’m not blogging today to talk about Sharks or Star Wars (and now, I have Queen stuck in my head) but to share It’s Fundamental‘s amazing LGBT+ Families booklist.

When I was a kid, books featured families that were comprised of a mother, father and kids. Or the parents were dead and the kids were orphans. There was no inbetween. I remember wondering why there were never divorced parents like mine in books. We all know that representation is incredibly important, and as a child, when you never see your reality represented in stories, it leaves you with a feeling of disconnectedness. The sense of being “other”.

That’s why I’m so happy to see books like Morris Micklewhite and the Tangerine Dress by Christine Baldacchino and I Am Jazz by Jessica Herthel and Jazz Jennings and A Family is a Family is a Family by Sara O’Leary.

Please take a few minutes and check out this fantastic list Crystal has put together. And if you’re on social media, enjoy books, like to give books as gifts, like hanging out at the library and/or representation and inclusion, be sure to follow It’s Fundamental‘s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest pages. Oh, and duh…the blog.

You won’t be sorry!

A Few of My Favorite Things: Reading Places


Like most writers, I’m pressed for time to read, so in all honesty, I’ll read wherever I am when I have the time. If my iPad is in my purse, and I’m waiting in line at the grocery store, I’ll pull it out and read a page or two.

If I’m outside grilling, unless we’re in a hellish hurry, I’ll turn the heat down a bit, pull up a lawn chair and read in between flipping whatever I’m making.

The time I’m most likely to read is right when I go to bed. I like cwtching up under the covers with my iPad and reading. I do not, however, enjoy falling asleep while reading and smashing myself in the face with the tablet – particularly since it’s an old, super heavy gen 1. Those suckers leave bruises. But, I digress.

But here’s one of the places I regularly read. It’s my awesome backyard swing.



And here are some places I’d dearly love to read.






So where are your favorite places to read! Share! And check out the other bloggers favorite spaces!



Wordless Wednesday – On My Bookshelf

Today, it’s another Wordless Wednesday post for the Wednesday Random bloggers. I’m going to cheat and use a few words because…It’s my blog. I do what I want.  Also, I feel like some photos need a little explanation.

I do the vast majority of my reading on my tablet. It’s backlit, supremely portable, and I can carry thousands of books with me at any given time. But, I still love print books, and I always will. I have several collections I thought I’d share today.

I think I’ve probably mentioned that I collect fairy tales, Arthurian literature and Brian Froud art books.  This is the book shelf where my fairy tales and Froud books live. And also my comfy reading chair that Morrighan is systematically destroying.

(My house is super cluttered. It’s just the way of things here.)




One summer, I was lucky enough to meet Brian and Wendy Froud, and I got my whole (at the time) collection signed. Also…I might have frightened them a little bit with my collection, but…worth it. He also did a little doodle in every book he signed!




This is the bookcase that holds the Arthurian collection. It was my husband’s grandfather’s who was a lawyer in the late 1800s. There used to be another shelf, but it got destroyed when this beauty got tossed in his family’s attic. We rescued it and it lives with us now. As you can see by all the books shoved in front, I’m rapidly running out of space. There are copies of the complete works of Shakespeare and Chaucer in here. I think I may need to find them new homes. 



This is another cluttered bookshelf in my office.


These are copies of anthologies that I’m in and/or my own print copies. They’re usually on another shelf in my office, but I thought I’d take unbury them and take a nice picture of them. IMG_6060

And I can’t not share my young adult novel.



And you’ll notice that one of these books isn’t mine, but it’s a story I love and part of the series I’m doing with Jess Jarman.



We’re not even going to talk about the other bookshelf in my office or any of the ones upstairs. This is plenty.

Now…what’s on your shelves? Check out what’s on the other bloggers’ shelves by clicking on their names.





Things My Husband Says

*blowing the dust off the blog*

Yeah… It’s been a while. And also crazy busy, but what else is new? It’s been the usual chaos – the day job, writing, volunteering at my kid’s school, getting ready for RT and now, this.

Matt’s work gave all of the IT department money toward a Kindle or an iPad as reward for going above and beyond the call of duty – basically working 14-16 hour days for an entire month. So Matt got an iPad.

Earlier this week, I pointed out that he could get free kindle books if he wanted to try out some new authors, so he happily downloaded a pile of books and has been reading ever since.

Today, this conversation happened.

Matt: Question?

Me: How am I still so awesome after all these years? No clue.

Matt: No. How do I tell if the books I’m downloading are your kind of books.

Me: By ‘my kind of books’, do you mean the kind I write? If so, the mostly naked people on the cover should be a big tip off.

Matt: No – I mean books that you read.

Me: I read a lot of different kinds of books.

Matt: I don’t know…I girly books. I think this might be one.

Me: Girly books? Seriously? First off, fuck you. Secondly, do you mean romance?

Matt: I guess.

Me: Go to the Amazon page for the book and look at the genre. What does it say?

Matt: It says romance. I’m screwed.

Me: Why? Because you like it?

Matt: No because I’m mostly done with it and now I have to finish it.

(He’s never DNFed a book no matter how bad it was or how much he hated it)

Me: *eyeroll*

Matt: *sigh* I guess this explains all the feelings in here.

Yep – this is the one I have.

7 Random Things About Me And Books

I’ve been tagged by the marvelous Kelly Marstad for this meme on writing.

1. The Witch of Blackbird Pond became my first comfort book when I was in the fourth grade. I’d read it whenever I wanted to escape from real life. When my elementary school closed (the one where I spent fourth grade, anyway) I discovered they were having a book sale and managed to snag my beloved copy of The Witch of Blackbird Pond for ten cents.

2. The first book that ever made me cry like a lunatic was Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson. As soon as I finished it, I turned around and re-read it and sobbed my heart out all over again. Apparently I’ve always been a glutton for punishment.

3. In high school, together with my dear friend Margaret and some other friends, we created a student written and produced journal of poetry and prose…and got in trouble by the administration for it. Yes indeed…creativity and freedom of expression were frowned upon by that fine institution.

4. I’ve written twelve books – three of which will likely never see the light of day.

5. I’d always intended to write Young Adult and Children’s books, but I got distracted by Erotic Romance…go fig.

6. I carry a book (or two) with me at all times – right now I have Changling by Delia Sherman in my purse. Really, really need to get one of those e-readers.

7. No one ever wants to help me move because I have too many books.

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