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The Evolution of Cover Art for Rewritten: Or Why I Am the Literal Worst

I’m lucky enough to have tons of amazing people in my corner when it comes to the business side of writing. One of those people is my friend and cover artist, Kris Norris. Se does amazing things with cover art and she basically has the patience of a saint when it comes to dealing with me.

I’m the worst. The absolute worst.

I get an idea for cover art, and I love it. And she makes it. And then I squint at it and think of all the reasons it’s not really right. Reasons that St. Norris has been subtly hinting at for days, but she indulges me anyway. Why? Because for some reason, she loves me. And also she’s a glutton for punishment.

So, I found this stock art for my upcoming release, Rewritten, and fell in love with the idea of it. When the story begins, Angus and Eliza’s relationship is a bit combative. Here, this is the blurb–it explains things pretty well.

Betrayed and completely exposed, she’d sworn off kink. Hell, she’d sworn off men. But she hadn’t counted on him…  

One of the hottest voices in Sci-Fi, Angus Domhnull is renowned not just for his sweeping sagas, but for his stupidly gorgeous looks—and the fact that he’s taken almost five years to finish his latest novel. Now, assistant editor, Eliza Burrows, is stuck minding him, and his brooding nature is pushing every sexually submissive button she has. But even if Angus wasn’t her publisher’s star author, he’d be off-limits—after a painful betrayal, Eliza doesn’t play anymore, and she’s not about to start again with him.

Unable to deliver his long-awaited manuscript, Angus is saddled with a keeper—and her creative input—that he never asked for. Despite the resentment and animosity brewing between them, he finds himself drawn to Eliza. As he learns more about the intriguing woman behind the prickly facade, he falls for her, hard and deep.

When the attraction between them ignites, Eliza lets Angus bring her to one place she swore she’d never go again—her knees. He wants more than just her submission, but her past and the secrets she’s hidden could destroy everything…

So, St. Norris took my annoying stock photo (inevitably, I always like a landscape orientation when a portrait orientation would work better) and made this fantastic cover that I really adored. I loved the torn paper, the partially erased writing, the couple crabbily sitting back to back. I thought it was the cutest.


And it is the cutest. However, at best, it looks like a straight contemporary romance. It doesn’t look like an erotic romance and definitely not an erotic romance with BDSM elements.

That usually leads me to texting her the phrase: Hey, Norris…please don’t hate me, but…

So after some discussion and agreement that it looked a little too sweet and looooooooooots of scrounging for cover models, St. Norris came up with this.


Definitely more of a steamy romance look while still keeping the ripped paper/erased words thing that I loved so much. I loved it–though part of me was still stuck on the cutesy cover. See? The worst.

Jess Jarman (also a saint, frankly) and I share the Bound series. And we love it. It’s so much fun to write a series with one of your BFFs. Sometimes, we even borrow each other’s characters. For instance, one of her upcoming characters, Kit Sterling, puts in a brief appearance in Rewritten. It’s  both awesome and nerve-wracking to write someone else’s character (probably why I don’t write fan fic) but I know that she’ll tweak whatever doesn’t work for her. And I’ll do the same when she’s got one of mine.

Anyway, Jess and I were talking, and several people had mentioned to that we might want to consider rebranding the whole series. Freshen it up a bit. So, we hemmed and hawed and eventually I said: Hey, Norris…please don’t hate me, but…

And Norris, amazing woman that she is, rebranded our whole series. Look at all of our new pretties!


And here’s Jess’ upcoming release, Safeword Protected!


And here’s the final for Rewritten!  I absolutely love it, and it totally fits the book!  (I promise, Norris, I won’t change my mind again!)

And you can pre-order it now at:

Amazon  * B&N  * iBooks  *  Kobo


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