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Wordless Wednesday: Summer Where I Live


It’s another edition of Wordless Wednesday, and as usual, mine will probably have words.

There are some things that piss me right off about Michigan, but the landscape isn’t one of them. No matter the season, it’s almost always freaking gorgeous. Here are what some of my favorite spots look like in summer.


Northern shore of Lake Michigan. We had so much fun swimming in the waves.


Lake Superior in Gay, Michigan


Lake Superior in Eagle Harbor, Michigan


Lake Superior in Gay, Michigan


Lake Superior in Munising, Michigan


Lake Superior at Whitefish Point, Michigan


Sunset on South Manistique Lake in Curtis, Michigan


Floatie parking on South Manistique Lake in Curtis, Michigan

As you may have guessed, I really like being by (and in) the water. I try to spend as much time by the water as possible in the summer–as long as I have my SPF Vampire handy, that is.

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I Love Live Music

(Don’t fall over, Kel, but it’s the third blog post in a week)

So, last night was absolutely fantastic. My baby sister Caitlin took me to a concert. We saw the amazing Catie Curtis. She’s a folk singer from Boston and Cait introduced me to her music earlier this year and I heart her. A lot. She reminds me a little of Dar Williams, but she’s wonderful in her own right. She sang several songs that made us cry, one about her dad that reminded us of our grandpa and Red Dirt Girl – an EmmyLou Harris song that’s probably the saddest freaking song I’ve ever heard. Cait and I sat there crying like lunatics.

It was an open air show at a camp on the shore of Lake Michigan and I took pictures of the amazing view. Sometimes I forget how incredibly beautiful this state is. Check these out – and oh yeah, some of Catie, too.

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