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Favorite Writing Advice

Top 10 Ways to Lose Me As a Reader

Writing Fears and Anxieties

Tips, Tricks, and Tools I Use to Organize My Writing

Tropes I Hate in Fiction and Why: A.K.A. Bron Unloads (Again)

What I Hate About Writing

How I Create My Characters AKA The Children’s Book Proposal that Tanked: If You Give a Bron a Line of Dialogue

Ten Dialogue Commandments – Part One

Ten Dialogue Commandments – Part Two

Ten Dialogue Commandments – Part Three

Ten Dialogue Commandments – Part Four

Ten Dialogue Commandments – Part Five

What Motivates Me to Write

Writing My Strengths and Weaknesses

Why I Write

Writing Pet Peeves

How I name My Characters

Mistakes from My First Manuscript: How I’ve Grown as an Author

Weird Writing Thing…

Dealing with Writer’s Block

My Writing Process in 30ish Steps

Writing Rules I Live By – Writing Rules I Break

The Most Difficult Thing I’ve Ever Written

Write What You Know – Agree or Disagree?

Dear Adderall – A Love Letter

How Writing Affects My Life & Vice Versa

My Writing Space – Real vs. Ideal

The Day that Javier Regretted Coming to Work aka The Day that Jenny Trout is the Best Worst Best Friend Ever

Five Biggest Writing Distractions

Writing Wishes

When I Knew I Wanted to be a Writer – or When I Realized that Words Have Power

Stuff I Need in Order to Write

A Day in the Life of an Erotic Romance Writer…Not as Exciting as Advertised



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